I came up with an idea to build a first responder app due to a series of natural disasters happened in 2017. I wanted to develop an application to combat with the changes and help affected people.

SAF is a survival app, for users to find the nearest shelter, pin their locations when stranded and communicate with my friends and family when wifi and phone service are unavailable. The three functions are called Seek, Reach and Flare. Throughout the entire semester of college, I spent numerous hours learning how to make this happen from idea formulation to execution including all facets of marketing, pitching, and financials. Each class was a presentation and the angel investors gave their critiques on how I could improve and make the idea viable. This experience was invaluable to me and my growth, it allowed me to add something to my portfolio and ignited a spark of entrepreneurship in me. I wanted to be part of a team that allows me to contribute my talent to help people.

This is a quick brand guide and voice for SAF app.


 June Pham ┬ę 2022

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